Babies need specific protection in a baby car seat. We'll tell you which car seats are worth investing in and which to avoid. Isofix connectors are designed to make installing a car seat quick and easy. Confused about the law on booster seats? Find out when you can use them, plus all you need to know about high-back booster seats – including our top five.

We answer your questions around fixing car seats, buying or selling second-hand seats or recycling your car seat Car seat groups explained – everything from what a Group 0, 1, 2 or 3 car seat is, to what kind of car seat your baby or five year old child should be in. Read our guide to see if it's a good investment. We investigate a range of baby and child car seat accessories to see if they're safe, including the 5 Point Plus Anti Escape System, Buckle-upp buckle guards, neck pillows and more 23 September 2021 We cover everything from how long a baby can stay in a car seat to when it’s safe to move to the next seat up Multi-group child car seats are claimed to last from when your little one is a baby until they grow into a child. What are i-Size child car seats?

How are they different from other car seats? Are they safer for my child? Here's all you need to know. We’ve been independently testing child car seats for 50 years, putting hundreds of models through tough crash tests and usability assessments. Find out what to look for to help keep your little one safe when travelling.

Use our expert car seat safety guide to keep your little one safe.

Baby and child car seats advice guides


p> We crash-test every baby, toddler and child car seat we review to reveal which ones give the best protection in a crash, and which you should avoid 2 September 2021 Follow our tips and advice to install your car seat and check the fit effectively. In this guide (2 articles) 2 September 2021 What are rotating or swivel car seats and why are they popular? Find out which baby and toddler rotating car seats we've tested and what our experts think 2 September 2021 Find out everything you need to know about extended rear-facing car seats, including if they are safer, and the height and weight limit for a rear-facing toddler https://cars45.co.ke/listing/toyota/bb car seat Find out how the best and worst Isofix car seats get on in our crash tests.

Checking your baby or child's car seat regularly will help keep them safe. 2 September 2021 In this guide (2 articles) Find out which types of Isofix and belted child car seats from Group 2/3 are best for older children as they grow, and why it's not recommended to use backless booster seats. 2 September 2021 Make sure you're up to date on UK child car seat laws, and brush up on car seat laws in other countries before you travel.

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