What to do if you are being tried or have already been forcibly deported from Ukraine

The team of the Office of the President of Ukraine told what to do if you or your loved ones are being tried or have already been forcibly deported from Ukraine.

If they try to deport you

First of all, try to save important information. Write down the phone numbers of your loved ones on a piece of paper, save your Ukrainian passport if possible, and update the Diya app to the current version.

As soon as it becomes possible to get in touch with loved ones, call or write to them. Also try to keep the Ukrainian SIM card.

Don’t forget about your safety. For example, clear the phone book and all correspondence in instant messengers. Try not to give any interviews or comment on the deportation.

If you or your loved ones have already been deported

Report this by phone.

Calls within Ukraine:

Calls outside Ukraine:

  • 38 044 287 81 65 – National Information Bureau hotline

By the way, Vodafone has made it possible to call the nearest Ukrainian embassies free of charge to all those who have already been forcibly taken out of the country. In addition, the operator gives daily free 30 minutes for incoming and outgoing calls, as well as 30 SMS from Russia and Belarus.

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