— product size (L x W x H): 16.7 x 16.7 x 1 https://tonaton.com/s_71-african-grey-parrots.2 cm
Specifications: Thank you all. Covered in transparent silicone, suitable for outdoor installation. Recently, many people have a mania to glue and hang LED tapes everywhere and everywhere. The number of LEDs on the tape in our version is 60pcs per meter.

With the help of LED strips, you can highlight furniture, baseboards, beds, in short, whatever comes to mind. I pasted the tape on the bottom of the https://tonaton.co.tz/s_26-bracelets cabinets in the kitchen, it shines very brightly and the light is soft. Always useful for homemade.
Ribbon parameters sticker Divide by 3 and get 1500lm.

Another regular review of SMD 5050 LED strip with moisture protection IP65

The LED strip comes in 5 meter spools and has a cutting module of 50 mm. – Color: warm white 3000-3500K
Today my review is devoted to LED tape with moisture protection on 5050 LEDs.
– Length: 5M The light gives a very pleasant, soft. The tape is equipped with a connector. The tape is solid, and not soldered like many and waterproof. The current measurement on this tape turned out to be 2.1A at 12V. 12*2.1=25.2W The current is 3 times less than specified, which means that the luminous flux will be less.
The store’s website indicates the power is 75W. — type: SMD 5050 Take a closer look. Hello friends. The luminous flux of SMD 5050 is approximately 15 lumens. The main thing is to correctly calculate the power of the power supply. I received a letter with an advertisement in the mail, there is a small discount on the tape: coupon 5MDH The place where the cable is soldered to the tape is insulated with a heat shrink tube. — voltage (V): DC12
— Package size (L x W x H): 24.5 x 22.5 x 2.5 cm — number of LEDs: 300pcs — product weight: 0.11 kg In general, I am very pleased with the tape. The tape has a self-adhesive base on which the LEDs are mounted. Small video of driver operation. — protection class(IP): 67

So the tape should give https://jiji.com.gh/mobile-phones out a stream equal to 15*300=4500lm. Current measurements at 12V and small deviations. So let’s see what it is, how much it eats and how it shines. The tape came in a standard bag, wound on a reel. But the tape shines very brightly, i.e. even at low power, the light will be missed. We will use an LED driver to check the operation of the tape. (It was bought a long time ago)

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