Before him, I had a Griffin 22mm, well, no comparison. And the taste and steam, everything is present. Conqueror is translated as "conqueror, https://tonaton.co.tz/s_51-lavalier-microphones fighter, etc." Created by Wotofo. 2. It consists of: a metal drip-tip, it is hollow, which will not allow strong heating during the vaping process, on two orings, cone-shaped (narrows towards the bottom), fits snugly and does not hang out. / twisting, the top with large openings for filling and a shaft for supplying air, a dome with four large openings for supplying liquid, glass, well, the standless base itself with adjustable airflow, which works well, turns not tight, but also by itself does not scroll itself, everything is in moderation, there is a stopper of the adjustment ring. 1.
The product was provided for writing https://jiji.com.gh/computers-and-laptops/acer-aspire-5733 a review by the store. Yes, I think it will be safer. Yes, here it is, the feature of this handsome man https://tonaton.co.tz/s_288-coconu-trees. Well, $28 still didn’t go anywhere, but $35 for 2.5 ml is a bit too much in my opinion. Why? Because he has an older brother – wotofo conqueror RTA 4ml atomizer. •1 Conqueror mini RTA tank I, a woman, was able to take care of him, so the rest can. We collect, block the air intake holes, fill, twist the lid. •1 multifunction wrench Weight 50g. 5. I didn’t find any photo or video, how exactly to do this, it’s not convenient to photograph my own hands, I’ll say this, this horned contraption was not invented in vain, if you put a spiral on one branch and put it sideways, then the width between the branches just the length we need to install it in this base. Pin with reverse thread, adjustable.
Pin 510, gilded. We measure the desired length of the legs (just for this we have a tool for easy installation), cut it off; •1 tool for easy installation of coils •1 gift box with Wotofo advertising card. -code, QR code and authentication code are present)
Included: How to use this miracle? It was worth a couple of times to look and try once and everything worked out, soars, fries, does not flow. 4. We thread the cotton wool, cut off a little more than the diameter of the evaporation chamber; •2 pre-wound coils (although I had three in the kit, but the manufacturer stated two) < br />•1 spare glass Allow me to bow) The base is postless, for 2 spirals Made of 304 stainless steel and Pyrex (tempered) glass. 1.

Atomizer tank for Wotofo Conqueror mini RTA electronic cigarette – taste conqueror.

The tank itself is generally a miracle constructor. It is completely disassembled. 1. The manufacturer warns that the tank is not intended for beginners, not for people without basic knowledge of electronics, as inexperience in installation is fraught with serious consequences. •1 instruction manual A plus for simplicity. Diameter 22mm, height 39mm (without drip tip), 47mm with drip tip. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules Here, very carefully, if there is not enough cotton wool, or it is not properly laid, it will snot. In my opinion, there is everything that is required for convenience, although many do not like the tool for the convenience of installing spirals, I made friends with him. Price. No, guys, it’s really delicious. The wadding coils and the e-liquid ports are on the same level and it really makes for great flavor. Thank you all for your attention. But it didn’t take long to figure it out. For taste. We unscrew the screws, install the coils; Now the cons. That’s it Well, it would be better if they improved it somehow. I will still recommend to buy. There is no liquid shut-off function. Equipment.
He comes in such a gift box, beautiful and small Well, let’s get to know him?) I call it "My little knight". Now about the pros and cons. 3.
In two colors: black and steel, indicated on the package.
Wetting We put it inside. •1 bag of Japanese cotton •1 bag with spare o-rings (10pcs) and four spare screws 2. There is one big nuance. Just to clarify, I’m new. We tighten the screws, burn, align the coils;
6. The process of installing spirals: I don’t consider a rackless base a minus, since I didn’t find any particular difficulties in its maintenance. This is disturbing. Let me introduce to your attention the new Atomizer "Conqueror mini RTA" Capacity 2.5ml. Because Delicious! Honestly, not far from the drip moved away.

But from his older brother, he got only a name and a rackless one. base)))

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