The traffic light turned out to be cool, my wife took a picture of it on her mobile, here is this photo: Hello, dear readers. There will be a diagram, a sketch for Arduino, a step-by-step photo report of how everything was assembled, and at the end a gif with a demonstration of work. The story of the creation of this traffic light began like this. I assembled a circuit on the breadboard, everything works as it should: It turns out that the father of one of the boys made a traffic light, and the boy brought this traffic light to the kindergarten, my child wanted to play with him, but they didn’t let him (maybe they did, but in his opinion, not enough).
Maybe someone needs it, a link to cutting a traffic light is here I had diffusers from a broken Chinese searchlight:
The LEDs were bought here, the Arduino Pro Micro board was bought here, the https://tonaton.ug/s_297-inverter-batteries Soviet MLT resistors were found in the bins. Of course, the microcontroller will control the traffic light, in this case the Arduino Pro Micro (you can use any other Arduino board). https://tonaton.ng/s_31-crane-truck
Based on the size of the diffusers, I estimated the size of the future traffic light.
As a result, my baby says: “Daddy, do the same for me.” What remains for me, a small child asks, so I have to do it, all the more it was interesting to make such a toy myself. Found on the web, with some minor edits
The first three LEDs are red, yellow and green light for cars, the rest are red and green for pedestrians. I decided to make the https://jiji.com.et/safety-equipment/spray case out of sheet foamed PVC with a thickness of 4 mm, this is used in outdoor advertising, the material is light and quite durable. One fine day, the wife brought the child from the kindergarten in tears.

Do-it-yourself toy traffic light for a child

We must do the most difficult thing – the body. Today I want to tell you how I made a toy traffic light for my son. The scheme is simple to disgrace: In the illustrator, I sketched the elements of the body of the future traffic light: I decided to make a slightly different traffic light, it will be for cars and for pedestrians.

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