I have a foot of 22.5 cm, I usually wear shoe sizes 35-36. I’ll start with a fitting
Already I foresee a bunch of jokes about https://jiji.com.gh/cars/toyota-avensis-wagon Russians « bast shoes, ”but still this post should be, probably, I continue to write posts here just for the sake of funny male comments. This spring-summer 2020 season, one of the shoe trends is woven sandals When you follow fashion trends even a little, it’s impossible to stop. And here in full growth I took size 5 for myself, it fits size 36 As I said, one of the trends is wicker shoes. I settled on this because there were discounts. But someone must bring fashion to the masses and prepare the male psyche for the upcoming seasons of women’s fashion) That is, they go either to a thin foot of size 36, or to a thick one of 35.

Fashionable wicker sandals for summer

A couple of months ago I made a selection of https://tonaton.co.ke/s_288-pumpkin-seeds fashionable shoes for the spring-summer seasons for women on my blog and, by a lucky chance, a couple of weeks later I came across this pair, and they appeared in several stores I knew at once, the prices were different, as always. Wangyu, that this fashion will reach my village in two years and this summer they will look at me strangely. So I decided to get myself one pair to try out This pair came up to me, although it seems that they are large in length, but they sit comfortably on the leg, do not hang out. Or like I have an average and transitional 35-36. But fashion is fashion.

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