Reed switch sizes. Frames are all with the same time up to a second.

Reed boxes. Contact resistance: In principle, I found the reed switches here on the spot, but when I saw this lot, I simply could not resist I can definitely recommend it for purchase. They are perfect, for example, for installing hidden alarm sensors, etc., or where the hall sensor for some reason does not fit – for example, because it needs power, and the dimensions are minimal. We have a padlock on the gate. I was very pleased with the conclusions flattened near the case – this allows you to bend them without the risk of damaging the glass. Macro photo. It was supposed to be just a hound, without a husky. The desire to buy reed switches arose after one case, which I will talk about at the end. Now the story.
Normally open reed switches

The reed switches came in not very good packaging – I would still put at least some kind of cardboard, but here only a bag and a bubble wrap. We also have a dog. Her temperament is roughly visible in this photo. A mix of a husky and a Russian hound, as it turned out. Cells – 5x5mm Nevertheless, they arrived intact, except that some of the legs were deformed a little more than we would like. Naturally, I assembled a lock control unit for it, as https://jiji.ng/enugu/56-hand-fans I was advised in the comments, now the control currents there are minimal. Large currents, of course, will not be pulled, but for small things – completely. Unfortunately, I forgot to measure the thickness of the leads. In comparison with the "big brother" from the ES computer and the jumper from more recent technology: Reed switches are normally open, quite sensitive, and evoke a feeling of tenderness.

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