Touch buttons are not available, incl. with the settings in the music player. It is better not to go into it, because. there is no shortest way out of it. Still, the touchscreen 7805C is much more advanced than the usual one. Dialer without touch screen is not available. The “Desktop” was re-translated and some words did not fit into the space allotted for them.
Let me remind you that the firmware of any electronic device is a risky action, and may lead to the inoperability of the device. The list of songs can be navigated, but nothing can be selected. Playback of video files remained unchanged and did not break. Nothing on the "desktop", and even more so the radio settings. Encoder can now be configured without entering the settings, not only the sound, but also the image (brightness, contrast, color), and turn on "beep". Also, you can no longer set the repeat playback that was launched from the panel by pressing the button with the "Folder" icon, but I did not need it. Before flashing, the volume was always set to 16 divisions. I don’t know what this "beep" refers to. I want to tell you about the result that turned out after flashing the radio tape recorder, because I think it will be interesting to its owners. 5. All this happened at the same time.
But, it cannot be turned on from the panel, and even more so from the screen. My non-touch, as well https://tonaton.ug/c_baby-care as touch from the amronsan review, version v.1.0. After the firmware, the radio received an interface and all the features of the 7805C model, but not all of them can be used without a touch screen. 7. I was satisfied with the result of the firmware.
I am glad that the radio also remembers this mode
after de-energization. I’m not well versed in the subject and the firmware is not quite freely available, but the firmware process would be similar to the review described by LexaZmey on restoring an IP camera.
The settings are no longer available. The set volume is remembered. But it now displays the name of the connected phone.
What works: What was the reason for the firmware crash after 20 months of use, I do not know. Now, after a complete blackout, all stored radio stations remain in memory. Now the track that was played is remembered.
2. Recorded an example of work and sound.
4. There are two assumptions: the first is that I charged the battery without de-energizing the car, and, second, that I often turned the starter while I was repairing the car, which provoked a glitch in the radio. 6. Previously, when you turned on the “Radio”, only noise was heard, because. I put his own remote control somewhere, but it seems to me that he, too, will not help me in any way. Can’t use Explorer.
4. The built-in Google Drive player only allows you to watch in 360p. 1.

Upgrade non-touch radio SWM 7805

For a long time I wanted to flash my non-touch radio SWM 7805 from this review with firmware from the touch SWM 7805C in order to get additional functions, but I still did not dare to do it myself. I don’t know how important the changes in the radio are, but it seems to me that the appearance of the JL chip is not good. I also noticed a “Chinese trace” in the design of the “Desktop” in the photo. And about a week ago, the radio tape recorder ended up in the workshop with no signs of life, and there it was revived with the help of firmware from the 7805C sensor version. I already thought that a fur-bearing animal from her advertisement came for the radio tape recorder … The F1C600 processor and the bluetooth antenna are already on the second board of the radio along with the amplifier, although in previous versions they were on the board behind the screen. Now you can not set the color of the backlight, adjust the time / date, radio or change the language. 3. Also, the equalizer settings are sometimes remembered, but after a while they are forgotten.
3. He was greatly missed. I didn’t tune in the radio. I can’t advise you to buy or not to buy this radio or 7805C, let everyone decide for himself While writing a review-review, I found on the site remont-aud.net, where the master took the firmware (he also unsubscribed about successful resuscitation), the recently posted firmware and photos of the new version of the SWM 7805C radio. I can’t see the firmware version, because can’t get into settings. I wonder how the firmware from 7805 to 7805C would behave. Would the radio buttons be pressed? 1. The radio gradually evolved, but the firmware remained compatible. I did not deal with the firmware process, because. When reversing, when the camera turned on, playback via bluetooth paused, and only on the phone it was possible to start playback again. It is now launched by pressing the button with the folder icon. This is very good. Before the flashing, this was not the case and playback from the card began from the first recording. In the new version, the radio received a different F1C600 processor instead of the F1C100s, the CD3313EO sound processor is not visible in the photo and the JL chip is visible. The firmware was taken from the radio, in which the motherboard was version 1.2. What can not be used: Random appeared.
2. Now this can be done by clicking the "Pause" button on the panel. And the remote control from the Tanix TX3 https://jiji.ug/249-baby-shawls/turkey S905X3 set-top box came to the rescue. “Random” is turned on by pressing the “6” button. It would be very sad if the firmware had inappropriate settings that cannot be changed. drive.google.com/file/d/1zOhff-7uU-7JsrvqGoiWqp6Qr6dcfSZ6/view?usp=sharing

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