I checked only on the SD card, everything also works without any complaints, although a couple of times the card was not visible, perhaps due to the fact that I did not completely put it into the slot. 3) Connector on the right side. I tested three formats: SD, MicroSD (aka T-Flash) and Memory Stick Pro Duo. 4) Connector located at the bottom of the card reader. There are 4 card slots in the card reader: Also tested, works. The transfer speed is really USB 2.0, there are no complaints about it, it transfers files like any other good branded card reader. The card reader has a built-in https://jiji.ng/enugu/74-pigs indicator that, when connected to the USB port and a memory card is simultaneously inserted into it, turns red. Works flawlessly, everything is fine. Good afternoon everyone. 1) On the left side, which is the top one. About a year ago I bought a card reader from Transcend for 120 rubles (and even in the cheapest store, where prices for memory cards differ by half), it only supports SD, MicroSD, M2 and MMC. The main advantage of this card reader is the support of a large number of different memory cards. In size, one and a half times more than a standard flash drive, you can see the approximate dimensions on the website and bonus For SD/MMC/RS MMC/miniSD memory cards. The disadvantage is that the card reader does not read 2 or more cards at the same time. For T-Flash (MicroSD) memory cards. Today I would like to tell you about this card reader from TinyDeal.com. But now I conducted this experiment on Transcend, it turned out that he had the same problem. 2) Also on the left side, but lower. Alas, I haven’t checked it yet, I didn’t have time, but I think it’s also working. For Micro MS (M2) cards.

USB 2.0 card reader SD/MMC/RS MMC/Micro SD/Micro MS (M2)/MS CCR-7963

For Memory Stick/Memory Stick Pro/Memory Stick Pro Duo/Memory Stick Duo. The main plus can be given to it for the multi-readability of different memory cards and the low price (only fifty rubles).

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