The round «bubble» that is shaped pair glutes or an elongated bum is a fairly common goal for a lot of women.

However, we’re all born with different genetics for glutes that determine what shape your glutes are.

I strongly suggest you go check out my extremely popular post regarding How Your Genetics Shapes Your Glutes after you read this.

There are at most four well-known butt shapes, that are heart, round the square, heart, and inverted V-shaped.

The V-shaped form of the booty does not have enough volume and it’s the lack of size and shape that affects the majority of people. It’s more prevalent among overweight and older women since they lose muscle and fat distribution shifts with age from the hips to the abdomen.

If you’re naturally thin I recommend you check out this post on how to gain muscle mass for skinny women.

If you are reading this then you may possess a bulging V, so let’s look at how to turn your booty’s V-shaped shape to a peachier round set of glutes.

We must make sure that we add weight to the ass in a way that we can do that by making sure that we focus our glute training on the gluteus maximus as well as eating a lot of good food.Read more https://www.kathyformaryland.com/how-to-turn-v-shaped-buttocks At website Articles

Glute Building Nutrition

It’s pointless doing exercises to help shape and shape your glutes when you’re not addressing your diet first.

Take a look at this article that I composed about glute building nutrition.

Protein and calories are needed for the growth of glute muscles and to transform your oval glutes into round glutes we need to consume.

I’ve got a brilliant and convenient CALORIE CALCULATOR found on my site. It’s going to give specific calorie targets including macro splits, tips along with advice for building muscles or burning fat. make sure you examine it.

Your primary goal

You’ll want to spend at least a few hours in a overflow with a high-protein diet to increase your glutes.

I would suggest working the glutes at least 3-4x per week for at least 3 months in order to notice any transformation in glute shape or size. However, in reality good bums take years (not an entire week) of hard work and exertion.

Remember that if a person doesn’t eat you’ll not get bigger and your thigh shape won’t change. It’s important to gradually overload your workout you to get stronger. I highly recommend this article about Progressive Overload and why it’s essential for booty growth.

This isn’t a moment to concentrate on fat loss, this is about the growth. Your shape for your glutes will alter significantly if you think about growing and not shrinking. If fat loss is the goal in the future, that will come after.

Weights to lift,

Make sure it’s heavy.

Increase your strength levels (remember the concept of overload in a progressive manner).

Cardio won’t build your glutes. Therefore, stop doing back kicks on your stairmaster and stairmaster! !

Exercises For V Shaped Glutes

To increase the size of your glutes it is essential to strengthen all glute muscles from different angles and angles, however with V-shaped glutes, we should focus more on the gluteus maxus – it’s the most important one!

Your go-to lifts will always be your number one priority, whatever you wish your glutes appear like. These are your bread and butter.

Hip Thrusts – Barbell Banded to elevate the foot, machine one leg.

Glute Bridges – Kas Glute Bridge, Barbell, banded, single leg.

Deadlifts – Sumo, Conventional, Romanian.

Squats – Back, Front, Sumo, Goblet, Split.

Lunges – Static, Deficit, Walking.

Abductions – Machine, Fire hydrants, Cable, German etc.

Exercises for the Glute Max

A strong gluteus max gives the glutes their size in volume and also the back with a healthy and stable posture by balancing out the forces coming from the front hips and the abs. Therefore, exercises to build their strength are vital for regular health and pain-free living, not just one with a round shape bum.

The gluteus maximus is the largest of the muscles in our body. It’s responsible for making up almost all of what you’d consider your bum which means it will require an extensive amount of in terms of volume and intensity.

In order to build your glutes the exercises must target all of the leg and glute muscles using a full range of motion and exercises.

Straight out of the box we’re going to need –

Barbell Hip Thrusts

They are an essential part of every glute regimen, but they’re especially beneficial for those with v-shaped muscles looking to increase size. The hip thrust and its variations are the reason behind all the big, juicy boots you see daily when you scroll through the social channels.

Now is not the best time for timidity, so get comfy with a heavy barbell and some weights. my client Emily has achieved an impressive 200kg hip thrust by 2020.

I recommend using various rep ranges, tempos, and reps on hip thrusts so that you can maximize your growth potential.

If, for example, you train your glutes for 3x per week, I would suggest the following.

Monday: Heavy Weight/Low Reps e.g. 5 sets of 4-6 reps.

Wednesday • Light Weight/ High Reps e.g. 4 Sets of 15-20 reps.

Friday Moderate Weight/ Moderate Reps with Pauses e.g. 3-5 sets of 10-12 Reps with 2-5 Second pauses similar to the video above.

Kas Glute Bridge

They’re an essential for my clients but it’s still not very well-known (but it’s increasing in popularity). AKA Glute Bridge Kas Glute Bridge uses a small range of motion and the slow, controlled speed that focuses on only the highest extension of the glutes in the upper range, with virtually no hamstrings or quads involved.

Absolutely give it a try! !


The queen/king of all power moves and an essential tool for the development of legs and glutes. The three main muscles targeted by the deadlift are those found in the lower back, hip and knees. These include the quadricepsas well as the hamstrings and the gluteus maximus.

Deadlifts can be challenging to master and are susceptible to ego-lifting and poor form (see any fellow gym mate in training at your place ) If in doubt keep it in check by lifting at a less weight or hire personal trainers.

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