If you’re a fan of run-n-gun titles, then you’ll have no issues getting stuck GSH. Move through different levels bearing a strong Metroid vibe while knocking back all manner of ghouls, creatures, and mischievous foes. There is an aim to this game other than just flying seamlessly through tunnels. Players must save their brothers, picking up epic add-ons and powerups that alter the appearance of the helicopter.

  • If you want to patch your GBA ROM on your smartphone or tablet, UniPatcher is your best bet.
  • I would like to acknowledge the user about the Dolphin Wii emulator is amazingly stable and compatible with almost all the Wii games.
  • If you followed these directions and your cheats still aren’t working sonic games, it could be either you overlooked a step or the codes themselves are ineffective.

No more eyeing the battery or frustrating calls at the wrong time any more. Enjoy finding leading apps of all kinds and share them with the world. An iOS user with an interest to all gadgets that make life easier and more fun. It’s great to have an emulator that performs well and handles your ROMs easily, but the added themes are a great touch.


This program is not malicious even thought your antivirus might say it is. Hey man, an .ips file is a patch which means you will be in need of Lunar IPS. If you cannot see the downloaded ROM file in the dedicated folder, enable the “All Files” option in your patcher . This tool is the first thing you need to set your sights on once you decide to play the GBA ROM having an IPS extension.

Use Floating IPS to apply a BPS patch to a clean ROM of the game that it is a hack of. Here is a tutorial on how to apply and play BPS patches. The English patch is the file with the IPS file extension. You should be able to transfer the save off and play it on an emulator long enough to get past that point on the patched game, then put it back on the Retron.

Intuitive UI and accessible features

You can also download top emulators to your computer and play graphically demanding games. Download pc games, ROMs to download for ps3, Wii, ps Vita, and other consoles. This site is dedicated to games from the sixth generation of consoles, “128-bit age”, but also 8-bit computers, DOS, and early Windows abandonware.

Meaning when you essentially try to apply a patch that expects a header onto a ROM that doesn’t have one its not going to work. I am trying to use the ips patches from SMWCentral,but they all keep ending up with the game on a red screen or black screen instead of running properly or at all. Higan does not support soft-patching, so if you want to play a patched game in higan, you will need to use a patcher to apply it yourself, creating a new, patched copy of the game. The game would use pre-rendered sprites, much like the ones used in the Donkey Kong Country titles. Game functions flawless with no audio or graphical glitches, all tested functionality works as intended without any workarounds needed.

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